International Schools in Thailand: What You Need to Know Before Enrolling Your Child

Having the ability to speak multiple languages is an advantage in today's era. Modern parents therefore plan for their children to learn English from an early age in order to open up study and work opportunities for them. But before sending your children to international schools in Thailand, what do you need to know? In this article I will tell you.

Your child must be ready
If your child has never attended a Thailand international school or previously attended a regular school. Adjusting to an international school may take time, so before entering school, parents should prepare them first in listening, speaking, reading, and writing so that they have a foundation before entering school. This is because at international schools in Thailand there will be foreign students who come to study and must use English as a medium of communication and study. Students who do not have any background in English may feel pressured, unable to fit in, and unable to understand their studies.

Financial readiness
International schools are schools with complete facilities and are known for their quality and standards. The teachers who teach are foreigners and the majority of students who come to study are foreigners. Therefore, the tuition fees of international schools in Thailand are quite high and each tuition fee is different. Parents can choose to look at the conditions and details that the school has announced in order to make another decision.

Study the international school curriculum in Thailand
There are many curricula for Thailand international schools to choose from, including British, American and international curricula. Each curriculum has different details. Parents must therefore research each curriculum to make sure which type is suitable for their children.

Before allowing your child to study at an international school, it is necessary to study the information in detail, regardless of your child's readiness. The right finances and curriculum to find the best Thailand international school for your child. It is also a good idea to train your children to learn English from a young age, such as talking, so that they are familiar with English before starting school.