Monika Fouad, M.Ed
We are delighted to have Monika Fouad, a Belgravia resident and mother of two grade‐school boys, as our playschool teacher. She is a wonderful, loving and gentle teacher, full of enthusiasm and creative ideas.

She has a Masters of Education degree and was trained at the Pedagogical University of Weingarten (Germany) as an elementary school teacher.

She is a certified Child Development Supervisor (former level 3). One focus of her education was on "Musisch‐astetischem Gegenstandsbereich", a holistic approach to promote aesthetics perception, creativity and to foster the expression of feelings by combining fine arts, music and movement.

She also obtained a certificate in elementary school student counselling. Monika has been teaching at BCP since 2003. (Each session is run with the assistance of one parent.)