Ways In Which Teachers Can Enhance A Growth Mindset In Their Students

Growth mindset is a lowly unexplored area in many educational facilities. However, in the recent past, most schools are trying to understand it and approach learning with that in mind. 
This new approach of teaching helps students to focus more on comprehending the values of trying new ways of learning, making effort to learn them as well as persistence to appropriately learn them. 
Below are ten ways you as a teacher can foster a growth mindset in your learners.

Make use of different teaching/learning methods

According to Dweck, a researcher in personality and emotional development, exposing learners to various methods of instruction and strategies will help students handle different challenges that come up.
A teacher can use varied instruction tactics and principles to change the way content is presented to learners and how learners absorb it. For instance, when teaching, the teacher can use a different medium to present contents such as videos, audio clips, and physical manipulations.
Sometimes, using this kind of varied teaching strategies can be difficult in the traditional classroom. A teacher should plan a flexible seating approach to involve all learners.

Instill the value of facing challenges

Teaching learners about handling various obstacles will help them develop a growth mindset.  When the brain encounters a difficult concept, a student is pushed out of their comfort zones. This makes the neurons to form strong connections, thus improving intelligence over time.

Encourage students to explain their answers

Asking a student to further explain their answer for a question during a class discussion will show what they do and don’t understand. This encourages them to think deeper as they figure out their responses.
As students are encouraged to explain further on their thoughts and responses, they will get a better perspective of the subject matter.

Make use of success folders

A student can struggle to figure out their progress and achievement throughout the year or semester. A success folder will come in handy when addressing this problem as it provides the student with their growth in that period of learning.  This becomes clear when they are learning how to cultivate a growth mindset.