Growth Mindset: Why it Matters

Are you a growth-minded person? Do you see failure as an opportunity to grow? Do you believe you can achieve anything you put your mind into? If the answer is no, then it is time you re-evaluate your outlook in life.

Usually, growth-minded people tend to have an underlying ideology that, with efforts and determination, anything can be achieved. So to avoid missing out on life experiences, job opportunities as well a personal growth, it is important you go beyond your comfort zone and overcome the restraints of fixed mindedness.

What exactly is a growth mindset?

Essentially, a growth mindset is the confidence that you can develop your capabilities through hard work and preparation. It entirely differs from a Fixed Mindset, which dictates that a person’s capabilities are constant and predetermined. In other words, a fixed mindset restricts your potentials.

Importance of adopting a growth mindset

  • It makes you better at taking accountability for your life. Unlike a fixed mindset, the growth mindset helps you account for your actions and decisions instead of imputing others for them.
  • It enables you to move towards your fears by putting time and effort
  • It helps you see setbacks as opportunities to grow
  • It helps you realize that success entails attitude and effort
  • You can draw inspiration from other people instead of seeing them as competition
  • It enables you to quit seeking approval from others

What happens when you lack a growth mindset?

  • Your self- awareness and self-knowledge are significantly lowered
  • You miss out on opportunities in life
  • It leads to unproductivity in life
  • It encourages mediocre relations that barely lead to long-life fulfillment

How to shift to the Growth Mindset

  • Self-awareness. You are able to control your mindset better when you are more aware of yourself
  • Knowledge. The more you learn, the more you are exposed to new things and ideas
  • Willpower. The minute you decide on what you want, consistency, and determination will get you there.


It’s worth mentioning that you are the only one who can change your mindset. The better you understand your self, the higher the chances of adopting a growth mindset.

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