How to Develop a Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is a learning theory developed by Carol Dweck over three decades ago. It describes the underlying beliefs that different people have about their own intelligence and ability to learn. If you believe that you can improve, you will also understand that effort is required. As a result, you will dedicate more time and resources, leading to great achievement. 

Several studies conducted by neuroscientists have established that the human brain is malleable. With enough practice, you can stimulate the growth of new neurons in your brain. Practices that are known to induce this growth include asking questions, taking healthy meals, exercising, sleeping well and so on. This means that you can easily develop a growth mindset.

Developing a Growth Mindset
It is worth noting that there are no defined techniques for developing a growth mindset and meditation. However, you can start by observing the following practices.

  • Be acknowledging – instead of focusing too much on the end result, acknowledge the process that leads up to it.
  • Be realistic – having high expectations is known to result in disappointment, especially if the outcome is undesirable. Although challenging yourself is important, your goals must be practical. 
  • Be curious – if you decide to learn something new every day, you will certainly grow.
  • Improve your self-knowledge – having knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses enlightens you on what you need to improve on.
  • Create goals – after every objective you attain, you should set new goals that will motivate you to further your growth.
  • Take criticism positively – if somebody criticizes you, look at how you can improve on the criticized aspect.

Advantages of a Growth Mindset
The benefits of having a growth mindset include:

  1. Improved persistence – you will be determined to see out any goal even when conditions seem unfavourable.
  2. Reduced stress and aggression – a growth mindset focuses your brain on development, meaning that there is no room for stress.
  3. Improved self-esteem – you will have a better perception of yourself when you believe that you will succeed.
  4. Better pro-social behaviours – you are likely to interact better with others if you have a growth mindset because of the positivity it generates.

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