Looking For An International School In Bangkok Thailand? Ask The Right Questions

So, you’ve just moved to Thailand with your family. Settled on the best location? Figured your way around Bangkok? Now you need to start looking for the best international school in Bangkok Thailand for your little ones.  You want your kids to get the same education standards they are used to back at home.  Before you settle on a particular school, here are some questions you need to ask in your search for the best international school for your kid.


Qualities of good international schools in Bangkok

A lot of parents want their kids to go to an international school.  International schools in Bangkok come with a lot of benefits compared to when your child is studying in a public school. One reason that makes parents prefer international schooling is because the IB education system is often used in international schools.

As a parent, when looking for a good international school, look out for these qualities.



The Benefits of International Schools in Bangkok


International schools in Bangkok provide a plethora of reasons for students to be enrolled in any of them.  While matriculating at an international school in Bangkok you will gain a respect and knowledge of many different cultures.  You will be provided with an open curriculum with high standards in education.  You’ll be exposed to both Eastern and Western styles of learning while making friends from all over the world. 



Is There An Excellent International School In Bangkok?

If you find yourself in Bangkok, with your kids who have already begun school in their native country, you may fret. One of the causes of your worry might be if you will find not just an international school but an excellent international school in Bangkok.

If you asked this question, the answer is YES!

Bangkok is not only known as a tourist hub because of its rich culture and history or its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Bangkok has improved both in medicine, technology, and quality of education on all levels.


Well-rounded balanced students at IB schools in Bangkok


The International Baccalaureate programme is well-known in Bangkok, Thailand. It has become a goal of those in public Thai schools to achieve. IB schools in Bangkok follow the IB programme consisting of 3 compact and co-ordinated study programmes for children from the age of 3-19. These aim to produce highly independent, considerate, well-rounded and compassionate young adults. The IBO programme puts strong accent on the ideals of being a responsible global citizens and following the ideals of international empathy.



Made in Belgravia: Photography Workshop

Members of the Images Alberta Camera Club will coach Belgravia’s aspiring photographers during one of our neighbourhood’s most beautiful seasons. Camera Club members will provide tips on camera use and options for other equipment. They’ll also accompany photographers to picturesque places in our neighbourhood. After each shoot is finished, Camera Club members will help Belgravians explore how to enhance their images and print them at the hall.


Belmac 2015 Outdoor Soccer Registration Information

Attention young Belgravian soccer fans!

Registration Information for Belmac 2015 Outdoor Soccer

1. Outdoor Season runs May/June

2. Age Level and Related Birth Years:

U6: 2010 and 2009
U8: 2008 and 2007
U10: 2006 and 2005
U12: 2004 and 2003
U14: 2002 and 2001
U16: 2000 and 1999
U18: 1998 and 1997



How about a Belgravia- McKernan Jane’s Walk?

What is Jane’s Walk? Jane’s Walk 2012 takes place on May 5 & 6 in cities all around the world. Everyone is welcome to lead or join in a free walk exploring the history and stories that shape our everyday urban and neighbourhood experience.

We are inviting you to lead a walk in the area where you live, work or play. It simply involves planning a route, thinking through the stories, places and people you want to hear and talk about, and promoting it around your neighbourhood.